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Enlisted USMC 1957 right out of high school. Completed AT "A" school in Memphis, 1958. Worked in MOS (6611, Twidget) 1958-59 with VMR-253 in Iwakuni. Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) at Auburn University 1959-62. Met and married Jean in 1960, best thing I ever did. Went from Corporal E-3 to Sergeant E-5 (made corporal twice without ever getting busted). Then CMC realized I was not SNCO material and made me a 2ndLt.

Completed OCS, TBS, and flight school 1963-65. Joined HMM-265, went on Carib cruise 1965. Flew CH-46s in Vietnam 1966-67 (HMM-265, 165), 70-71 (HMM-262). Flight instructor at Whiting Field 1967-69; taught takeoffs and landings, basic airwork, stalls, spins, and precision acrobatics in T-28s. Really fun flying.

Staff officer at Cherry Point 1971-74, flew C-117 and transitioned to KC-130. Staff Secretary at 4th MAW in New Orleans 1974-77 and flew 46s with MARTD at NAS JRB New Orleans. Retired 1977 as a very minor major. My 20 years in the Corps have been only 25 percent of my life so far but they are my bedrock.

Retired back to Auburn, found my 15 year old BA in psychology not worth much, so got BS in accounting (clean, inside work with no heavy lifting). Worked for CPA firm for a year, passed CPA exam, but found my Marine ethics not sufficiently flexible to be a CPA. Worked in accounting two years as assistant bursar at Auburn and completed MBA part-time.

Decided that teaching accountants might be more fun that being one, so started a PhD at Georgia State in Atlanta (2 hrs on I-85) in 1982 while teaching full-time at Auburn. Defended dissertation 1989 after employing the Spanish Inquisition approach to data analysis: "If you torture the data long enough they eventually will confess." Spent 20+ years teaching accounting at Auburn, Mississippi State, and Georgia Southern Universities. Retired for the last time in 2005 with Jean in Statesboro, GA.

Attended most 265 and some 262 and Pop-a-Smoke reunions. Coordinated Charleston reunion in 2013 and Savannah mini-reunions in 2014 and 2018. Became Webmaster shortly after Rich Duff's passing in 2014. It keeps me off the streets and helps exercise what few brain cells I have left. Otherwise I read a lot, listen to music, play with and help run a local duplicate bridge club, enjoy family and friends, do lots of emails, and piddle in the yard and greenhouse (orchids). Except for the odd one-off, my health is better than a fat old man has any right to expect.

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