Welcome to the official site of the HMM-265 Veterans Association, Inc.

Anyone who has ever served in HMM-265 is eligible for membership in the HMM-265 Veteran’s Association. Our primary purpose is to conduct a reunion of HMM-265 squadron mates every two years. Please join the Association, then come and share your stories, true or not, with your old friends. To apply for membership select ‘Admin|Join Us’, submit the form, and our membership officer will review your application. Upon approval, you will be notified and added to the roster.

The Association is incorporated under the Laws of the State of Texas as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt veterans organization. All of the legal documents are posted at ‘Admin|Corporate Documents’. Consult the tax law and regulations or your tax professional about the deductibility of gifts to the organization. Our corporate meetings take place during the bi-annual reunions. All members can vote. At each reunion the Board of Directors will elect new officers and the membership will vote on where to have the next reunion.

Suggesting a Venue City. If you would like to suggest a venue city for the reunion following next one then please come to the next reunion with a hosting plan to present at the meeting. It would help a lot if you would email your plan to the webmaster well in advance of the next reunion so he can post it on this website. If your venue is chosen then you will be the Reunion Coordinator, but don’t worry about it. Those who have done it have left you a nice turnover folder. See ‘Reunions|Coordinating a Reunion’ for a look at what you would be getting yourself into.

Flower fund and donations. When we learn of the passing on (RTB) of a member we send flowers or follow any other arrangements the family may have been requested if there is time. This is the Association’s primary expense, since reunions are self-funding, and is where a donation to the organization would be spent. Help us keep honoring our fallen comrades by making a tax-deductible donation. Please send your contribution to the Association’s treasurer (see ‘Admin|Contact Us|Treasurer’) or add it to your next reunion check.

Website Public Access. Most material on the site is in the public area and we expect it to stay that way; no login is required to view this material. We invite everyone to just wander through the menus and see what is there.

Website Members-Only Access. In January, 2018, we added a ‘Members’ section. Access requires that you first join the Association itself, a process which is unrelated to the website’s ‘Members’ section and is handled by the Membership Officer. For access to the ‘Member’ section of the website you must register with the Webmaster. When you register, a member profile will be created for you where you can post as much or as little about yourself as you wish. We encourage you to share a little bit of your life since your time in HMM-265; after all, the whole purpose of the Association is to reconnect with old comrades. You can always go back and edit, or even delete, what you have written. Your profile can only be viewed by other members. The ‘Members’ section is still evolving, but it already contains a discussion board where members can comment on existing topics and propose new topics.

Posting of Links. The Association will post on its website only those links to governmental and not-for-profit (NFP) entities that further the Association’s purposes as enumerated in Article Seven of the Association’s Certification of Formation or approved in accordance with the Association’s governance procedures. We will not knowingly post links to profit-oriented entities or to web sites or pages that are personal, political, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, inflammatory, pornographic, obscene, or excessively stupid. We will try to vett the material on the directly-linked pages, but cannot vouch for the other links that may be found on those pages. If you think we’ve missed something please report it to our webmaster.

Contact. If you have a suggestion for this website or anything else to communicate (personal information update, report RTB, error correction, etc.) please see ‘Admin|Contact Us’ and pick someone to tell it to.