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  1. Danny Dulude was a hell of a Marine and a good friend. To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan, Danny never had to wonder if he made a difference in the world, just ask any of the countless Marines he rescued or carried to safety while putting his own life at risk. Those who knew Dan as a Marine will remember him as a young warrior and those who knew him as a civilian will remember him as a generous and loving husband, a devoted father and grandfather and if you were his friend . . . it was for life. I will never forget Dan’s strength of character or his dynamic personality. I included a Marine with many of his characteristics in my fictional tale about HMM-265, Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam. I will miss Danny, but I will never forget him.”

  2. I was finishing up my tour in Vietnam as a Crew Chief in HMM-265. New people were arriving weekly. Things up north at Khe Sanh were getting hot. Late in April I heard the story of Danny Delude. On two successive days Danny was a Crew Chief on an Emergency Med-Evac near Khe Sanh Combat Base. On both days, a Recon tean was trapped near the top of one of the hills, most of the team wounded and unable to move about. The landing zones were exceedingly hot. Danny left the helicopter to retrieve the wounded Marines and carry, drag or assist them back on board. The story is expanded on in the book Bonnie Sue by Marion Sturkey. It begins about page 322. In his story, Sturkey reports that Danny was the only American serviceman since the Civil War to receive two Silver Stars for Valor on two successive days. A hell of a Marine. As a side note to that action, Captain Jack House was the HAC both days. The same Jack House whose remains were recovered and buried at Arlington within the last couple of years.

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